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Design your own high-end luxury fashion with Tinker Tailor


by Elizabeth R. Romanow

Have you ever found the perfect designer dress only to discover that the sleeves were too short to make the item presentable in the office? Or were you planning to attend an evening gala with your new designer piece but wanted to make sure someone else wouldn’t show up wearing the same exact dress? Stress no more. Now you can design your own dress and office ready wear with Tinker Tailor, “the world’s first digital destination for the creation and customization of luxury fashion.”   



Magnusdottir, co-founder and CEO (and former CEO of Moda Operandi), aims to take luxury fashion to a whole new level by allowing you to customize exclusive items from the world’s top designers or create your own designs using innovative 3-D technology to visualize the garment as it’s being created. These items are then manufactured in the company’s NYC atelier and shipped to you within six weeks. 

Their in-house atelier allows customers the chance to design their very own luxury dress, skirt or top from the world’s best materials. With ambassadors and industry tastemakers contributing designs, trends and editorial content, Tinker Tailor is leading fashion into a future where discerning shoppers and top designers collaborate to create personalized pieces that aren’t available anywhere else.

Since launch, Tinker Tailor has partnered with 80 designers, including key designers like Luisa Beccaria, Rodarte, Illincic, Tata Naka, Marchesa Bridal, Giambatista Valli, Kira Plastinina, and Vivienne Westwood. Their exclusive collaborations (typically 5-10 styles) are only available on the site for a few weeks at a time.


According to a Marie Claire interview, Aslaug explains that the site caters to three core groups of women: the affluent, the business professional, and the younger fashionista. Affluent women love the customized capabilities and exclusive access to cherished designers. Business professionals appreciate the ability to tweak designs into creations that are more work appropriate. Finally, younger fashionistas, who are active across social media and consume blogs regularly, may want to save up for the occasional splurge on their own high-end creations. Tinker Tailor is a win-win situation for the customer as well as the brand because the customer gets a special piece to express her own tastes while the brand experiments with offering new styles and receives critical feedback from users on future designs.  

How does it work exactly?  


To customize a designer item:

1. Click on “Customize” 

2. Select a design you like by clicking on the item’s “Customize and Shop” button

3. Choose a silhouette 

4. Pick a fabric (or more than one, when available)

5. If you desire, add embellishments or finishings. 

This is certainly the future of fashion and it’s only just beginning. Tinker Tailor has yet to expand to a global market clientele and launch their mobile application. One thing is for certain- we will be following Tinker Tailor closely in the next couple of months for the latest on the fashion tech forefront. 

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Editor’s Pick: The Studded Crossbody

Gone are the days when spikes and studs were relegated to dimly lit nightclubs and the vests of grizzled bikers. Now they can be seen gracing the shoes of every fashion blogger worth her weight in macarons and hanging from the chicest of arms in America. This redemptive march may have been started by Valentino in 2010 with the introduction of their Rock-stud collection, but it’s since swelled to a full-on accessories trend that shows no signs of slowing down.

Who but Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli could have predicted the resounding success of the ladylike spike? Yes, the days of fashion past are peppered with style icons who pushed the boundaries of gender to achieve stunning success: Katherine Hepburn’s pants, Bianca Jagger’s tuxedo, Grace Jones’ everything. And maybe that’s exactly what the modern woman has been waiting for—a way to dip her manicured toes into the shimmering pool of androgyny. A way to appropriate a trend favored by the dark and dangerous, and in so doing, a way to embrace edge without the risk of trying a truly fringe-favored fad.

And so, without further ado, here is our Editor’s Pick for the week: a mint green studded crossbody bag that lies squarely at the intersection of Ladies Who Brunch and Biker Babe. For the fashionable faint of heart just trying her hand at the studded trend, layer this bag over a sweet citron sundress with nude flats. If you’re prepared for more risky business, this accessory would pair nicely with distressed jean shorts à la Rag & Bone and a structured white crop top.